Make your own fuzzycuts with aquarelle…

… I show you how.

Paint your deco on a watercolor paper. Let them dry.
Cut them out the way that you leave a small white paper around them.
Let dry
Cut out the pieces.
Cut out every single doidle :).
Enjoy your ‘stickers’ .

By painting your own stickers you can achieve the relaxing calm of fuzzycutting them at your xmas tree. You are not only saving money but also you gonna find yourself on a journey that will lead you to the calmness of this World. Be careful, it isreally addicting. 🙂 🌸🎨🌼

Stay healthy and let love rule.

Viola, the Journal Misfit

It all started with a friut, a simple mango…

It all started with a simple mango.


And then, a lime joined in on the party.



Before I knew what was happening, some black beans, cilantro and salsa came along to shake things up.


It was not long before they all just sort of started mixing and mingling.




Doing their thing.

And to think.


It all started with a simple mango.


…Flying Onion…