Make your own fuzzycuts with aquarelle…

… I show you how.

Paint your deco on a watercolor paper. Let them dry.
Cut them out the way that you leave a small white paper around them.
Let dry
Cut out the pieces.
Cut out every single doidle :).
Enjoy your ‘stickers’ .

By painting your own stickers you can achieve the relaxing calm of fuzzycutting them at your xmas tree. You are not only saving money but also you gonna find yourself on a journey that will lead you to the calmness of this World. Be careful, it isreally addicting. 🙂 🌸🎨🌼

Stay healthy and let love rule.

Viola, the Journal Misfit

Sketchbook Dilemma: Danny Gregory or Felix Scheinberger way?

Drinking camomile tea and it feels good (hungarian)

Hello hello, It is the #SketchbookMisfit again.

The above mentioned gens are making huge imps on myself. Just dropped in to say: a a a, ney, non of the styles above. I think I am finding MY WAY. 🙂